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    At Boudreaux Marketing, building links equals building relationships.

    The process of Link Outreach requires a lot of work and planning. Trust me, we know. From researching to pitching, to content writing- it can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We’re designed for it and would be happy to take over the entire process for you.

    At its core, white hat link outreach requires a system…

    Website Analysis

    Our team  looks at your website, in depth. We study your structure, content, actual audience, current rankings, as well as your link profile

    Competition Analysis

    We will take a look at who’s “Winning” in your market.

    Our team digs in and finds out why they’re winning: what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

    We copy and exceed the good and leave out the badJ.

    Prospecting For Links

    Boudreaux has assembled a highly trained team, laser-aimed at finding linking opportunities based on your specific needs and goals, in conjunction with our website analysis and keyword research

    We develop “search operators” based on your keywords and manually prospect the major search engines and blogger platforms for opportunities.

    Outreach & Pitching For Your Links

    An ‘Exchange of Value’ is central to our pitching process. The value proposition must change as the type of link we’re pitching changes (i.e., guest post, link roundup, etc.).

    We use very specific and targeted emails, crafted through split testing and trial and error,  in our outreach to get you the most responses possible.

    Content Creation And Negotiating

    Time to get down to business. We’ve done our outreach and made the necessary connections. Time to close the deal. We are ready for all manner of responses from our outreach and know how to negotiate.

    Our talented team of writers are ready to create content if requested by a blogger (i.e. sponsored posts, guest blogging, etc.) We handle this, and everything else to get your link placed.

    Open Reporting & Workflow

    Everything, all our actions, are fully documented in Google Drive and Sheets. You have full access and can check as often as you like. Granted, a lot of this is tedious and boring- but we’re transparent, and it’s there whenever you want. Prospecting, outreach, pitching, guest posting, etc. are in a shared workflow and can be followed by you.

    You Own & Control The Links We've Built

    How we measure the quality of a link.

    DA (Domain Authority)- the ‘power ‘ of the entire domain as measured by moz.com PA (Page Authority)- the ‘power’ of a specific page on the domain- as measured by moz.com TF (Trust Flow)- measures the ‘quality’ of the links pointing to a domain- as measured by majesticseo.com CF (Citation Flow)- measures the ‘power’ of the links pointing to a domain

    Referring Domains & IP’s- how many unique domains and IP addresses link to the domain Link Profile- we manually review the link profile of each domain to verify it’s quality and suitability for linking. Traffic- Because links drive traffic, which a Google ranking factor, we check the domain traffic at semrush.com.

    Outreach Opportunities Targeted. Local Blogger Outreach

    Your typical urban area has, if you take a radius of 5 miles from wherever you are sitting, a few thousand bloggers hoping to be contacted. We simply reach into our bag of value propositions (story pitching or guest post writing for publishing) and make an equitable deal to get featured on their local blog.

    Broken Link Building

    Broken links typically happen when the website ‘linked to’ moves, goes down, changes domain names, etc. We seek out linking opportunities from quality sites and pitch them to replace the broken link with a link to your site.

    Link Roundups

    Bloggers occasionally link out to their favored posts for a given time period (year, month, week, etc.). This is an easy opportunity to pick up white hat links in bunches, for those that know where to find them- like us.

    Guest Posting

    This is the most effective way to get the best and most powerful links, period. Top websites like Money, Forbes, Huffpo, etc., actively seek guest posts from contributors. Come up with the right pitch and the right content and you’re in. We’ll take care of this for you.


    Resource Pages

    Examples of favorite software, guides, or other ‘resources’ are commonly linked to from blog posts or dedicated pages on websites. Our team compiles a list of niche-relevant opportunities and goes to work pitching and landing these links

    Your Business will be featured on the top websites in the world


    The 6 example link-types above are only a few that we employ for you campaign.

    Our process is extremely tedious and labor intensive, so we have to charge accordingly.

    Our retainer fee begins at $1250/month + the cost of content creation- i.e. guest blogging.


    Hi, my name is Jamie Boudreaux and I own and operate Boudreaux Marketing. I’ve been in digital marketing since 2013.

    I’ve taken the time to assemble a killer process and team to fulfill your white hat link building needs. I’m the #1 ranked white hat link builder in Houston.

    Let’s schedule a short call and get your white hat link building under way.